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Urban Aesthetic Value-based Projects

Southwest Urban’s primary focus is on urban infill property development of residential and commercial properties. Our success includes consideration of neighborhoods and nearby properties so the impact is positive and uplifting to an area, as we are mindful of the long-lasting nature of the work we do.

Our passion for everything vintage and historic is blended with a love of modern upscale living to create highly livable/workable properties.  This has focused our energy and work into the historic areas of Tucson and nurtured an understanding of the complexities and desires of this market.  Prior to embarking on a project we carefully consider the needs of neighboring areas as well as the structure itself, as the best result often occurs when the two are aligned.


Historic Design Renovation Projects

Residential properties we renovate and re-market upon completion.


Design & Build Urban Infill

New construction homes usually built on single lots in historic neighborhoods.


Commercial Development

Urban commercial properties we transform to a new relevant and improved long-term use.
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